Become A Member
Membership is open to everyone. Whether you are a producer – farmer, a rancher, forester; or a merchant – restaurateur, grocer, veterinarian, lumberyard; or simply a consumer who enjoys the wonderful food, fiber and timber produced in our very agriculturaly rich, dynamic and diverse Placer County. Your membership supports our local agriculture.

There are three types of membership:

Membership Category Description

Annual Dues

Agriculture Producer  

These members derive all are part of their income from agriculture production or direct support of agriculture



These members represent the general public that want to add their support to agriculture in our county, state and nation



This special membership allows students to establish membership at an affordable rate while studying to represent us as the next generation of agricultural leaders



Along with supporting agriculture our members enjoy some excellent benefits.

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Take Action Now!

Placer County Farm Bureau is associated with the California Farm Bureau Federation and the American Farm Bureau Federation.  A portion of your dues also helps support these organizations.  The California Farm Bureau Federation processes all California County Farm Bureau membership dues.  Accordingly we partner with them to ensure that you can become a member in a manner that best suits you!


Join Online

By Phone

Call the Placer County Farm Bureau at 916-663-2929 and we will be happy to help you. We accept VISA or MasterCard. We will ask for basic member information including membership type (please see above), full name, business name, phone number, mailing and email address.

In Person at the Placer County Farm Bureau Office

Come see us at 10120 Ophir Road in Newcastle, CA. (We share an office with the Placer County Farm Supply store.) Call us at 916-663-2929 for directions and business hours.

Renewing Members

Renew Online

Farm Bureau members in California may renew their memberships online, through a secure Web service. Have your renewal notice available to speed the process; you will need to enter your membership number, name and ZIP code. Renewal dues may be paid online using either Visa® or MasterCard®.